Terjo Aaltonen

Director | Cinematographer

Neste wanted to remind people of the importance of wearing a reflector during the dark months of the nordic winter.

Director: Terjo Aaltonen  | Cinematography:  Mika Tervonen | Producer Miltton: Felix Hartwigsen | Producer Balansia Films: Elmeri Kauko | Client: Neste | Agency: Miltton | Production Company: Balansia Films  


Second film I scripted and directed for F-Secure about online privacy. With 660K views it was on the top 10 of most viewed Finnish ads on Youtube in 2016.

Director/writer: Terjo Aaltonen  | Cinematography:  Tuukka Kovasiipi | Producer: Jenni Jauri | Local Producer in Gothenburg: Paul Blomgren / gothenburgstudios.se | Client: F-Secure / Marita Markkula | Agency / Production Company: Monami Agency  


First of three TV-commercials for WWF Finland / YLE with actor Ville Virtanen | Watch the two others Malla Malmivaara & Joonas Saartamo

Director / Creative: Terjo Aaltonen | DOP: Heikki Slåen | CLIENT: WWF | Production Company: Balansia Films


Just something I did to remind myself and people around me to take break from filming once in a while. And it seems I made a film about it :)

Director / Cinematography: Terjo Aaltonen |  Production Company: Balansia Films


First film I wrote and directed for F-Secure about the importance of online privacy. With over 600K views it was on the top 10 of most viewed Finnish ads on Youtube in 2015.

Director/Writer: Terjo Aaltonen  | Cinematography:  Tuukka Kovasiipi | Producer: Jenni Jauri | Client: F-Secure | Agency / Production Company: Monami Agency  


American Express wanted to tell a story about their new store concept.

Director: Terjo Aaltonen | Creative: Tuipe / Miltton Creative | Cinematography: Teemu Antero & Terjo Aaltonen | Producer: Mari Hakala | AGENCY: Miltton Creative | CLIENT: American Express | Production Company: Balansia Films


Out and about with Visit Helsinki Region.

Director / DOP: Terjo Aaltonen | Producer: Swati Goyal | CLIENT: Visit Helsinki Region | Production Company: Balansia Films


Kick-off film for the building of the new Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

Director: Terjo Aaltonen | Cinematography: Teemu Antero, Terjo Aaltonen & Tomi Seppälä  | CLIENT: Keskustakirjasto | Production Company: Balansia Films


This was fun with Ryhmäteatteri :)

Director / DOP: Terjo Aaltonen | CLIENT: Ryhmäteatteri | Production Company: Balansia Films